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legal notice

The owner of the website and domain is RiskClinic, business and RM consulting, Tadej Avsec sp
The information on the website is for information purposes only and does not replace the official interpretations of insurance companies, reinsurance companies and other providers of insurance or RM ( risk management ) services in domestic or foreign markets. The information provides only a starting point for acquiring basic knowledge and for understanding basic concepts. The same is true for certain explanations, models presented, and graphical representations. There are, after all, many differences between insurance companies. The records of the conditions are not exactly the same, and even if they differ only slightly, this can eventually lead to significant differences in interpretation or even insurance coverage. For the official interpretation of an individual case or conditions, the insured (company) must contact his insurance company.
The informative calculations and forms that appear on the website are also of an exclusively informative nature and do not necessarily reflect the calculations of an individual provider, but only have the purpose of acquiring basic knowledge. For an accurate calculation it is necessary to contact the insurance company.
The information and calculations on this website have no legal consequences, unless this is explicitly stated in the individual information and / or calculation.
RickClinic assumes no responsibility for any errors in the content and correctness of published data or calculations, regardless of whether these errors are due to errors in entry, time changes or differences between individual providers of insurance and RM services or due to any other unforeseen causes. . RiskClinic also assumes no responsibility for any website malfunctions, malfunctions and the like.
Copyright: Any copying, copying, reproduction and any distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited without written permission. Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, the use or reproduction of copyrighted works is exceptionally permitted on the basis of the public's right to information, for educational purposes and to illustrate, confront and refer in citation form, but the source and authorship of the work must be stated. The use and reproduction of a copyrighted work in limited numbers for private, non-commercial use is also permitted.
By accessing this website, you acknowledge that you are aware of this legal notice.
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