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About RiskClinic

RiskClinic was established in 2019 as a boutique consulting company that offers services in the field of general business consulting and consulting in the field of risk management and insurance.
Despite being a young company, it can boast of rich experience, as it uses the professional and managerial knowledge and experience gained through successful 21 years of work in the two largest insurance groups in Southeast Europe.  more information >>>






Risk management consulting
  1. Preparation of risk survey reports

  2. Estimation of maximum probable and maximum possible damage ( MPL / PML )

  3. Determination of the degree of risk appetite

  4. Preparation of proposals for risk reduction and management

  5. Specific analysis of risks associated with business interruptions in SMEs using the ModelBI tool   more information >>>

  6. Education

Assistance in resolving insurance cases
  1. Assessment and investigation of an insurance case on behalf of an insurance company from various congestion insurance and certain liability insurance ( loss adjuster )

  2. Assistance to companies / insured persons in asserting larger and more demanding claims  - preparation of the claim, coordination and negotiation with the insurance company, consideration of cases rejected by the insurance company, etc. ( loss assessor )

Education and Training
  1. Conducting professional lectures in the field of RM and insurance

  2. Conducting professional workshops in the field of RM and insurance

  3. Tailored for companies / insurance companies / insurance agents and brokers

Specialist in risk management and insurance in the following areas:
Big commercial and
industrial risks


Liability risks


Business interruption



Cyber risks


Receivables and guarantees
Big commercial and industrial risks
Every large company is a unique combination of individual risk factors. Therefore, the generalization and assumption of the average state is inconsistent. To any large company, whether it is a heavy industry or just a large and diversified service company,  it is necessary to pay special attention and find the optimal solution for it. This is often the case for the most basic risks at first glance. Quite often, everything is connected with tailor made solutions .
Liability risks
One of the major risks for companies for several decades is the potential claims for various liabilities, such as:
  • product liability, recall of products from the market, extended product liability
  • professional indemnity (e.g. doctors, accounting services, IT companies, etc.)
  • directors and officers liability
Business interruptions risks
Very often, direct material damage represents a smaller financial problem for the company than the business interruption, loss of revenue and profit resulting from material damage. Forms of business interruptions can be different:
  • business interruption  due to fire, machine breakdown, construction accident,
  • business interruption due to the death, illness or injury of a key person in the company,
unfortunately, the consequences (also according to statistics) often lead to a long-term poor financial position of the company.
Cyber risks
The world is changing and with it the risks that threaten businesses. One of the latest risks, which we in Europe have become increasingly aware of in recent years (has been the standard in North American markets for some time), is related to cyber attacks. But it's not really limited to attacks, it's much more - it often represents security incidents related to the Internet and computers in general. At the same time, it is necessary to mention in recent years a particularly sensitive topic of misuse of sensitive data.  The appearance of damages can be different - companies can face  own damage (in the event of direct physical damage also through operational downtime) as well as with claims for damages arising from liability.
Receivables and guarantees
For companies, operating receivables are unsecured assets that, in the case of certain commercial or political reasons, they quickly lose and thus endanger their own existence. On the other hand, guarantees in many activities are a condition for a company to be able to acquire a business at all.
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