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About me


Internationally acquired knowledge and more than 20 years of rich practical experience in the field of risk management and insurance.

​​ Career path:

  • Zavarovalnica Triglav, dd

    • director of property insurance and property interests

  • Zavarovalnica Tilia, dd

    • member of the board

    • Chairman of the Board

  • Sava Reinsurance Company, dd

    • Management Adviser / Management Representative

  • RiskClinic , business and RM consulting, Tadej Avsec sp

Co-author of books:

  1. A Guide to Liability Insurance for Defective Products and

  2. Guide to Business Interruption Insurance.

Tadej Avsec graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in 1996 (with the final thesis Predicting Bankruptcies in Posavje with Discriminant Analysis). In 2003, he completed a master's degree in actuarial studies at the same faculty (with a master's thesis Are Slovenian companies aware of the importance of product liability insurance?).

Throughout his business career, which is now more than 23 years long, he has worked in the areas of insurance product development, insurance risk taking, and valuation and liquidation of insurance cases (with an emphasis on non-life insurance).

He started his business career at Zavarovalnica Triglav, dd, where he went from a risk taker at the regional unit to an internal auditor for professional insurance fields, and then in 2005 he took over the position of director of property and property interests insurance.  During the performance of this function, the leading Slovenian insurance company in the field of non-life and liability insurance made great progress in bringing Slovenian insurance practice closer to the developed Western European insurance markets. Many of today’s solutions are still based on solutions and interpretations from that period. Great emphasis was also placed on education, in a simple way with practical examples.  

He continued his career in 2008 at Zavarovalnica Tilia, dd, as a member of the Management Board or in the last year as the President of the Management Board. During this period, Zavarovalnica Tilia, dd, became a recognizable and successful insurance company with stable business results and many advanced and innovative approaches or solutions in the field of insurance, technical and sales marketing as well as in the organizational field. It pushed the boundaries of Slovenian insurance in the field of insurance intended for natural persons, as well as in the field of insurance for large companies. Many technical and procedural solutions were used in the entire Sava Re Group, whose subsidiary was Zavarovalnica Tilia at the time. Also, on the basis of professional trainings, which were carried out at that time at Zavarovalnica Tilia and in which he actively participated, professional trainings or workshops were held for the entire group.

From November 2016 to November 2018, he was a consultant or authorized representative of Sava Reinsurance Company, dd He was mostly involved in the transfer of special insurance companies and processes to its subsidiaries outside the EU (Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo). An integral part of this were also professional trainings and workshops with practical examples (in SRO / CRO or ANG language). During this time, he and his co-author also published the book A Guide to Liability Insurance for a Defective Product.

In 2021, he and his co-author published the second book in the Guide to ... series, namely The Guide to Business Interruption Insurance. In the same year, he also developed ModelBI - an online tool to help understanding business interruption insurance.

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